Status Report Template

A status report may be prepared for any purpose either to know about completion of a project that will be a project status report, to check status of daily in and out going of cash that will be a cash status report etc. A status report will basically include initial stage of a situation or a project and the current stage or a situation or project that gives an idea about performance of a team. Here we present a status report template to give you an example of this type of report. We have prepared this status report template as a daily cash status report in which both in and out flows of cash has been mentioned which finally tells what actual amount of cash we have sent and what amount we have received. Project status report will be different from this report. We have prepared this status report template in MS Word 2007 so you can use this template with much ease.

Here is a preview of this status report template.

Click on the link to go to download page to use this status report template totally free.