Profit and Loss Statement Template

Profit and loss statement of a business entity is a statement of financial performance of that business concern for a specified period of time. A profit and loss statement may be prepared after 3 months, 6 moths or once a year. All incomes are added up and then sum of all expenditures incurred is subtracted from sum of all incomes for a specific period of time to determine profit and loss for that period. Here we present a profit and loss statement template for your kind assistance to give you an idea about how a profit and loss statement shall be composed. This profit and loss statement template has been created in MS Word 2007. You can use this template to create profit and loss statement of your business.

Nobody can deny the importance of a good word template. You can simplify your tasks many folds if you have properly finished template for it. It basically provides you with head start to complete your work more efficiently and effectively. Just download this template and then make necessary changes in it and it will be yours to use as per your requirement and needs. You won’t have to register or sign up for anything and needless to say any money will be demanded here. These templates are created so that common people can enjoy the benefits of Microsoft software with full excel. Hope that these templates will be useful for anyone who is interested to use it.

How to effectively use this template? Well best thing to do is to download and save it with specific name of your choice. Then open it in the Microsoft Word software and change the by default text of the document. You should add your own logo and company name it so that you can call it yours own one. Then see what fields are needed by you and what fields are unnecessary. Eliminate the unnecessary fields from your document and also try to add any field which you think is missing and needed in your work. This way you can maximum utilize the potential of this template. We will soon by trying to make and add new relevant templates in our collection so keep coming back.

Here is a preview of this profit and loss statement template.

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