Contingency Plan Template

Contingency plan is devised for an exceptional risk which is impossible to prevent. Contingency plan is devised at different levels for different types of contingencies for instance organizations will prepare contingency plans for meeting the contingency concerned with organization’s environment while contingency plan at government level will be prepared for meeting contingencies to the state. If you are also a CEO of an organization and have to prepare a contingency plan then our contingency plan template will help you a lot in this regard. We have prepared this contingency plan template in MS Word 2007. All its contents are editable. You can change its text and format according to your needs having MS Office installed on your system. We have tried to prepare this contingency plan template as a general contingency plan so you can use it with full confidence for planning for any type of contingencies. This plan consists of more than one pages and its length can be changed. You can take preview of this contingency plan template before you use it.< /p>

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